Pat Nekola is dedicated to improving the lives of the young and elderly by helping their care providers. Her extensive knowledge and experiences are shared through her books, recipes, techniques, programs and workshops. She also teaches caregivers how to cook and have fun with alzheimer's patients.

The Saints Chef Club

Come and Join the Saints Chef Club for 6 sessions, starting every Tuesday 1-16-18 through 2-27-18 (after school)
from 4:10-7:10 P.M. We will be at the Easter Seals Complex 505 Northview Road Waukesha, WI 53188

For more information and to register please print out the registration form, click here.

What is Value of Participating in the Saints Club?

Kids 7-13 learn sound values.

In addition our club, cooking teaches one about discipline, being thoughtful of each other, working together, sharing and caring, having fun with a sincere team priority, and also accepting each otherís ways while thinking on their feet. The chef club is a non-threatening environment without being pressured into being competitive. If a chef club member makes a mistake, it is not a big deal. We can fix it and we will make it work. If it canít be fixed, just remember not to repeat the mistake and go on. It is acceptable to make a mistake because it is a learning process for each personís good in the end.

They learn to be very polite and always say please and thank you. Etiquette is a must in class. They learn how to set a table and visit at meal time with their peers and the adult volunteer team leaders. Best of all they learn to eat the food that the entire class cooks. Everyone will clean up and make sure that the kitchen is back in order.

They learn how to put together meals with high nutrition value. When the class is completed they are sent home with a ring binder filled with all the recipes cooked in the classes.

A Note from Mrs. Nekola

It has been worthwhile to place my energy into this Saints Club. The kids are pure joy. It is wonderful to watch them in class grow and take on a whole new outlook on cooking and eating healthy food. If a student does not want to eat a food, I encourage them to take one bite to be polite. Most of the time, they will try the food and learn that the dish is really good.

If you would like to learn more about the Chefís club please call me at 262-547-2004.

I look forward to working with your son or daughter. Our next session begins on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. Please check out the signup sheet click here.

–Mrs. Nekola


Dear Pat,
Thank you so much for sending your book, An Alzheimer’s Guide: Activities and Issues for People Who Care, and the other materials. We have a collection of over 5,000 books and videos that are used by our chapters across the country and by the general public. This will be a wonderful addition. There can never be enough on activities. We will keep the information on how to purchase the book and cost available too.

     Patricia Pinkowski
     Director, Green-Field Library & Resource Center
     National Alzheimer’s Association, Chicago, IL

Dear Pat,
I never knew chocolate could be so much FUN!

The way you share your creative talents for cooking and entertaining is evident in all of your publications. Your cooking demonstrations are both entertaining and educational - you make even a beginner feel they can be a whiz in the kitchen.

I know everyone who uses your book Picnics, Catering on the Move will enjoy the book as much as I do.

     Gloria Osburn
     Director, Montepelier Public Library
     Montpelier, OH

Dear Readers,
The Ball State University College of Applied Sciences and Technology would like to recommend Pat Nekola’s publications.

We are proud of Pat Nekola, one of our graduates. At our Annual Aging Conference, Pat presented activities for people who have AIzheimer’s Disease. It was a very informative and interesting presentation and the participants went away with a lot of good information.

     Kathy Sequist
     Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology
     Ball State University, Muncie, IN

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