An Alzheimer’s Guide: Activities and Issues for People Who Care
By Pat Nekola
Published by Applewood Ink, a division of Catering by Design, 2007
320 pages, soft binding
ISBN 0-9660610-9-8

Many of us deal with Alzheimer’s disease at a personal level or as community members. An Alzheimer’s Guide is an informative and warm approach to helping people with this disease to live to their fullest and enjoy each day -- regardless of their situation.

An Alzheimer’s Guide has an easy-to-use two-part format:
• Part 1 includes information for families and caregivers of Alzheimer's patients on the stages or progression of the disease with strategies for providing good home care, selecting a care facility, handling related estate planning and legal issues, and additional helpful resources.

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• Part 2 contains practical information for use in care facilities. Activity Directors will find complete plans for resident programming, such as craft activities with color guides, music for patient participation, theme-related recipes, and patient assessment forms to help determine the most effective programming for each resident. This book is also ideal for family caregivers.

“As a speech therapist who has worked with many, many elderly patients and in many nursing homes, I want to commend you on your book ‘An Alzheimer’s Guide.’ It is a bountiful resource with 20-20 insight...and offers excellent advice and wonderful activities not only for the Alzheimer’s patients, but for the young and old as well. As our population grows older, this is a book that belongs on every family’s bookshelf and in every care facility for the elderly. I am recommending it to all my colleagues and friends.” -Amy T., Hartsville, SC

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