Picnics: Catering on the Move
By Pat Nekola
Published by Applewood Ink, a division of Catering by Design, 2000
242 pages, firm cover, spiral binding

Learn to cater your own picnic for family and friends, for church or service club gatherings or open a catering business for profit. This cookbook has a variety of recipes designed especially for picnics. View buffet layouts, decorations, and various styles of picnics from simple to elegant.

• Savory recipes: The detailed recipes are written for quantities -- from 12 servings to 100, with a few recipes for up to 1,500 services. Snacks, beverages, innovative salads, grilled meats, hot vegetables, tempting desserts -- all designed for the picnicker's appetite.

• Professional catering tips: Learning business techniques, and how to set up shop. This book lists several picnic menus, cooking tips, and catering know-how. Turn your picnics into celebrations.

• Additional information: Learn how to purchase ingredients into quantity, portion recipes, cook with special techniques. Learn how to make centerpieces and fruit sculptures. Diagrams guide you through the process of setting up buffets in various styles and sizes.

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“I am an avid reader of cookbooks and love to cook. Your book is one of the best I have ever come across. The book itself is beautiful with its lovely color photos, drawings, great recipes and clear instructions. I am recommending your book to all my friends who spend time in the kitchen.” -Sue G., Atlanta, GA