A World of Tea Parties Just for Kids
By Pat Nekola
Published by Applewood Ink, a division of Catering by
Design, 2012, 96 pages, Hard Cover, ISBN 978-0-9796523-6-3

This book is designed for boys and girls ages 5-10. It is entertaining and fun while Miss Lacey is teaching the children how to say please and thank you in various languages, proper etiquette while attending a tea party, how to write a thank you note. She has a World Tea Club and welcomes students ages 5-10 to participate in gaining knowledge about tea parties. She explains the history of tea, traditions in various countries, such as Russia, China, Japan, America, England and France.

Learn how to decorate, make costumes for each tea party and how to cook various recipes for each theme tea party such as An Ant Tea for My sister and Me, A Busy Bee Tea, A Holiday Tea for the Queen and King of Hearts and Royal Family, An American Heritage Tea, A Poodle Tea for the Family and many tips. Miss Lacey is world traveling and has firsthand experience and is well versed on tea parties.

Also meet her darling triplet poodles Dixie, Pixie and Trixie at Miss Lacey's Poodle tea party for the World Tea Club. You will be delighted with Miss Lacey's big surprise.

Pat Nekola ran a catering service for 18 years and also taught Nursery School. The students call her Mrs. Cola at the various tea parties. She holds a B.S. and M.A. degree and as well a degree in Family and Consumer Education.

Pat resides in Waukesha, Wisconsin with her husband Steve Nekola

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