Theme Parties Just for Kids and Families Too!
By Pat Nekola
Published by Applewood Ink, a division of Catering by Design, 2007
418 pages, soft binding
ISBN: 0-9796523-2-4

Pat Nekola saw a need to organize various children's parties for families leading hectic lives. The parties are designed for birthdays, education for children while having fun, and family gatherings such as baptisms, graduations, and reunions.

The step by step theme party book is filled with recipes, theme cakes, crafts, organizational shopping lists, music, heartwarming stories, poems and references to give you ideas for each party. The book is full of patterns, diagrams, and colored pictures to help the reader create a memorable party. Catch the party spirit and reap the praises from your guests at your next kid's party.

Many librarians around the country use the book for their children's programs. School teachers, churches, and parents also find this book outstanding when creating an original party.

Enjoy the activities with your family and friends.
• Kitchen-tested recipes.
• Party ideas for kids parties.
• Decorations for theme parties.
• Diagrams to guide the reader.
• Theme related materials for the parties
• Colored pictures.
• Buffet layout diagrams.
• Heartwarming stories accompany recipes.
• Easy-to-follow instructions.
• Theme Cakes.
• Activities for each theme party.

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